Closure of Schools
Fri, 20 Mar 2020

The purpose of this guidance is to support schools and managers make decisions following the Government's order to close all schools for the foreseeable future, for most children.

These are unprecedented times, the government guidance on when to self-isolate still stands and continues to apply to everyone, including critical workers.


If you think you fall within the critical worker categories you should confirm this with your manager, based on their business continuity arrangements.

Current government advice is for everyone to try and stop unnecessary contact with other people - 'social distancing'.

We are continuing to support employees, including those that are parents and careers of vulnerable people and children to try and stop unnecessary contact with other people.

Steps being taken include; where possible working from home; avoiding busy commuting times on public transport; avoiding gatherings of people whether in public, at work or at home e.g. cancelling face-to-face events and meetings and rearranging to remote calling where possible, for example using video or conference calling technology. Some employees may be redeployed/seconded etc and some will have no option but to stay at home for the duration of
this emergency.

To assist with this, where work can be done at home, we are asking staff who have work laptops or mobile phones to take them home so they can carry on working, arrange paperwork tasks that can be done at home for staff who do not work on computer. Staff are being asked to work flexibly to cover other jobs.

Employees are entitled to continue to receive their full contractual pay as a result of the Governments' order to close schools.

We are urging everyone to work together from the onset when considering the practical implications of the closure of schools.

We are working with schools and settings to look into ways in which we can support then in line with the Department for Education request to have facilities available for children of key workers and vulnerable children over the Easter holiday.

As I am sure you will recognise, the situation is developing rapidly and changing hour by hour. The information and requests of the DfE are all very new and at present schools have been focusing on what provisions will be available from Monday. Conversations which look at provision over the Easter period will start to take place next week.


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