Brief from the Chief COVID-19 Update - 6 April
Mon, 06 Apr 2020

Dear all,

I've spoken a lot in previous Brief from the Chiefs about the need for us all to not only look out for each other and our loved ones but also ourselves.

We're still in the early days of what is going to be a long, long challenge in trying to prevent the spread and respond to the impacts of COVID-19, while maintaining essential services for our communities.

COVID-19 - and the measures being taken to fight it - are going to affect us all in different ways and at different times.

Our personal as well as our professional lives will be affected and therefore it is crucial that we look after ourselves, our colleagues and our loved ones as much as possible.

There has been a lot of talk about the need to keep physically fit during the ongoing lockdown but equally important is the need to stay mentally well.

With the pressures of work, family and children, living in lockdown and worrying about COVID-19 affecting loved ones, it's understandable if some people struggle to cope with the emotional and mental impact of the situation.

The council is sharing further advice with staff today about how you can remain as well as possible. The advice is being published on the intranet and is also being made available via a global email to networked staff and as a bulk email to non-networked staff.

Please do take the time to read through it. There is lots of information and tips from a number of sources, including the NHS Every Mind Matters campaign, Mind, Sport England and the council's happyandwell.me website.

It also includes information about the council's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which is open to all staff and offers confidential support and practical advice.

We will also soon have a dedicated page on the council website to promote all the Active East Riding ideas colleagues have been compiling to help keep staff and residents physically and mentally active.

If any of you have got any great ideas of your own about how to keep mentally and physically fit, please feel free to share them.

You can do so by either sending an email to Suggestionbox@eastriding.gov.uk or by sending a text, for FREE, to 80800. Start your text with TEXTTHECHIEF followed by a space and then your message. I look forward to receiving your ideas!

So, please keep physically active wherever possible, while always following Government "stay at home" and social distancing guidance, and please keep as mentally and emotionally well as you possibly can.

Follow the advice, try out some of the tips you'll see in today's information and stay safe and well.

Thank you. #TogetherEastRiding


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