Brief from the Chief: COVID-19 Update - 14 April
Tue, 14 Apr 2020

Dear colleagues,

The council has launched a communications campaign to showcase the work of our staff in supporting the East Riding through COVID-19.

The campaign will feature a series of videos about the wide range of work you are all doing to help residents and businesses cope with the impacts of coronavirus and the Government measures being taken to reduce its spread.

Each video will feature a compilation of staff selfies and video snippets as you go about your roles and the first video was launched on social media last Thursday.

Despite the impact which COVID-19 is having across the East Riding, it's important for the public to know that the council's workforce is doing all it can to help.

As an organisation, we are working around the clock to help our communities, our residents and our businesses through these difficult times and these videos are a good way of demonstrating that commitment to the public.

They are also a great way for us, as a council, to acknowledge to you how much we appreciate your willingness to do whatever it takes to help our communities through this.

The videos are also thanking the public for their support, their demonstrations of appreciation and their acts of kindness.

Staff across a number of services have already contributed selfies and recorded short video snippets of themselves talking to camera, briefly explaining how their work is helping local communities.

Now we want to see more - so please send in your selfies!

We want to promote the work of our key workers - to emphasise the great, essential work you are doing on behalf of our communities - and also all the people behind the scenes whose roles are vital in keeping essential, frontline services going.

Whether you have volunteered to carry out different duties or are working in your normal role, we want to hear from you and showcase your great work.

For anyone who wants to support the campaign, please check with your manager that they are supportive and then what you need to do is simple:

  • Using your smartphone, take a selfie which shows the role you do. You may be home-working and have set up a workstation in your kitchen or bedroom. Let's see how you've set it up! Or you may be doing your usual, frontline job; if so, we'd love to see a selfie of you in action.
  • Please think about health and safety when taking pictures and don't worry about it being amazing quality and spending ages taking a perfect picture - we know you've got important work to be doing!
  • All we need is a selfie-style picture of you in your current workplace, doing what you do.

Please send photos, along with your name, current role and a brief description of what you're doing in the picture and how you're helping the council and local communities, to pressoffice@eastriding.gov.uk

If you're comfortable recording a short selfie video, and it's safe to do so, please record your name, role and what you're doing to support the fight against COVID-19. Video clips of about 20 to 30 seconds are perfect. Again, please send video clips to pressoffice@eastriding.gov.uk

If you'd like to be part of the campaign but feel unsure about taking a selfie or selfie video, feel free to contact pressoffice@eastriding.gov.uk for more guidance.

If you need some inspiration, you can watch the first video in the campaign below.

I know staff are incredibly busy but, if you can spare a few moments to take part, we think this is very worthwhile. For anyone doing a video, your words can be personal to you, we want to hear about your work, in your words and what it means to you.

Our message to the public is that we will get through this together and that the council is here for you, in so many ways, trying our very best in difficult circumstances.

Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of my new work colleague: they are much quieter than Mr Menzies!

New colleague

Thank you. #TogetherEastRiding


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