Online public health training available from May
Tue, 21 Apr 2020

Staff can access online health-based training with one consisting of a workshop and the other an online course.

Caring for the Carer is an online introductory Mindfulness workshop which is welcome to all (with an optional subsequent course). It will take place on Wednesday, 6 May from 9.30am-12 noon.

This workshop will explore the impact of caring on our wellbeing and consider the often-difficult dynamics between the professional role, personal life and caring for another.

Participants will be introduced to mindfulness meditation and compassionate reflection skills as a means of nurturing self-care and managing the demanding dynamics inherent to caring.

A further online course, Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Care, will be available Wednesdays, from 13 May to 8 July (excluding 27 May half-term) from 9.30am-12 noon. The course is limited to 12 places so please book by Thursday, 7 May.  

Caring is fraught with challenges but when a person is drawn into a caring role through a relationship, embedded in obligation, the carer is often unprepared and faced with many confrontations and complex difficulties.

The course offers carers the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills that support enhanced self-care
  • Cultivate routines and behaviours supporting of longer-term health and wellbeing
  • Explore the difficulties and challenges inherent in being a carer
  • Cultivate resources to alleviate stress and prevent burnout
  • Nurture a greater understanding of, and a more proactive approach to, working with difficult emotions and improving the quality of care.

Places can be booked on iTrent and for more information please contact Sarah Oliver on 07971 134078.


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