Free workout for council staff
Mon, 11 May 2020

Tomorrow we will be premiering our next FREE full workout delivered by our East Riding Leisure trained fitness instructors EXCLUSIVE to all council employees.

The next class is BODYBALANCE, delivered by Emily from East Riding Leisure Driffield and Beverley. BODYBALANCE is a mix of yoga based exercise with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.

Direct access to this premier workout is here. 

Class starts at 12.30 with a two minute countdown to give you time to ask any questions prior to the workout. All you need is a mat or rug and a bottle of water.

New full workouts exclusive to East Riding of Yorkshire Council staff are premiered every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30pm. These premiers can only be accessed via the unique invite link.

These unique links are sent out on the intranet before each Tuesday and Thursday workout premiers, after which they are available to view and stream at a time convenient to you on our You Tube channel.

Find out more about BODYBALANCE here.

Be sure to subscribe to the East Riding Leisure You Tube channel here.



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