New translation and interpretation provider
Mon, 11 May 2020

The council's translation and interpretation contract with DA Languages has ended, with new provider AA Global Language Services Ltd taking over as of Monday, 11 May.

AA Global Language Services provides a range of translation and interpretation services, including face-to-face (including British Sign Language) and telephone interpreting, as well as translation of written documents into another language or into braille or audio.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AA Global has also launched a video interpreting service, which provides an alternative means of interpretation when face-to-face interpreting is not a suitable option. Both telephone and video interpreting can be accessed on demand or scheduled in advance.

Details about the services available (including prices) and instructions on how to book are available at https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/directorates/ahcs/corporate-strategy-and-performance/equalities/translation/ which can be easily accessed by typing 'translation' into the search function. Information relating to bookings for a member of the Syrian Resettlement Programme is also included here. Staff should be aware, if using the service for the first time, that the costs of translation and interpretation services are met by their service area and that appropriate budgets should be in place to support this process.

Prior to booking any of these services (including telephone interpreting), you will first need to register with AA Global's online booking system at https://portal.aaglobal.co.uk/login

You should also ensure that, as part of the registration process, you quote your team name and 'ERYC Code', which is available from the dedicated Intranet page. Registration should take no longer than two minutes and, once registered, you will be able to access, amend or repeat bookings, request interpreters, upload files for translation and access any other services. You will also then be sent an invite, which will enable you to access the video and telephone interpreting service.

If you have any bookings scheduled with DA Languages after Monday 11 May, the corporate policy team will be in touch with you to make arrangements for these bookings to be transferred across to AA Global.

Please could you help by ensuring colleagues are made aware of these changes.

If you have any queries regarding the service, contact Emma Thompson, interim principal partnerships performance officer, at emma.thompson@eastriding.gov.uk or Jenny Phillips, policy officer, at jenny.phillips@eastriding.gov.uk

Further information is also available at www.aaglobal.co.uk via email at info@aaglobal.co.uk or by calling (01482) 308777.


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