GovDelivery implementation update
Fri, 10 Jul 2020

What is it?

GovDelivery is a bulk email solution to facilitate sending emails to a large number of recipients.

The implementation is being led by the digital communications team within corporate communications. The system can be used to send emails to large groups of people, and it can be used for internal communications as well as external. 

GovDelivery is secure and fully GDPR compliant. Email databases are managed within the system, and people are able to easily unsubscribe and be automatically removed from the mailing list. The system removes the risk of having to use the BCC function to ensure email addresses are not disclosed to the whole email list.

More information can be found below:


Who is using it?

Phase 1 of the implementation has been completed with the creation of 33 custom-built branded templates.

Services using chargeable email systems, for example East Riding Leisure and Sewerby Hall and Gardens, and children's centres who were using IBM notes to send to the largest number of recipients, were migrated as part of phase 1. 

Due to COVID-19, GovDelivery has been used to communicate staff news to non-network staff. Regular emails on staff news have been sent to personal email addresses extracted from iTrent and there are 1,576 staff who have added a personal email address to iTrent.

When can I use it?

The next phase of migration (July to Sept) will include supporting services who we know are sending bulk emails, including:

  • Planning and Development Management including Rural Policy and Partnerships
  • Humber emergency planning
  • Food services
  • Arts
  • Schools Music Service
  • Housing
  • Procurement

If you are not on the list and think the system could benefit your service, please email jenny.hale@eastriding.gov.uk


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