Moving out of the storm
Tue, 14 Jul 2020

We're getting back to business!

Wow, that's been a strange few months. 

None of us knew when we first heard the term 'coronavirus' how it was going to impact our lives, our routine, our shopping habits, our workplace to name but a few - oh, and of course, our project work!

That's why we've been a bit quiet on the blog front. We've been busy throughout this period working with teams, such as press, safety and IT, to make sure you get all the latest news, support and guidance around coronavirus. 

You can find out a bit more about the new coronavirus-related sections and pages we've created recently below. Also now things are slowing down a little, we're getting back to business - read on to find out what we're planning next.

New on the intranet

- Coronavirus (COVID-19)
This page is your one stop shop for all information related to coronavirus. From here you can access advice for managers, information about service closedowns and the latest government guidance on coronavirus.

- Health and wellbeing
This period of uncertainty can easily take its toll on our health and mental wellbeing. This new section is full of top tips and guidance to help you manage your health and wellbeing. It includes links to fitness workouts and meditation videos, ways to stay active and also guidance on how to sit at your desk correctly while working at home. You can also find out about our new cycle to work scheme.

- Working from home
The new working from home section includes information on how to access the council network via VPN, conference call security and etiquette, and commonly asked IT FAQs. There's also instructional guides on Microsoft Teams that enable you to instantly message, voice or video call your colleagues while you are working at home.

- Safety at work
The safety at work area covers safe systems of work during coronavirus, plus water hygiene inspections, PPE and premise management for schools.

Improvements we've made

- Homepage

As it's been almost 10 months since we first launched the homepage, we've given it a quick review to make sure it is still up to date. We've made lots of little tweaks including a new block under the phonebook section making it easier to access guidance on Microsoft Teams, and a link within the Health and wellbeing panel to the new Health and Wellbeing We've got a few more updates coming soon too.

- Navigation menu
While we were moving around the intranet, we noticed a few little usability issues with the new navigation menu (the black panel on the left side) that weren't working as well as they should, so we've made a few changes that should hopefully make it easier for you to find your way about the new intranet and access the new landing pages. We welcome your feedback if you have noticed a difference (good or bad). You can use the feedback tool at the bottom of the page or email us at intranet@eastriding.gov.uk


Knowledge hub

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for the knowledge hub.

We're reviewing your feedback at the moment and looking at how we can make sure your questions are answered.

Originally we asked for you to complete the form by the end of March, but we've decided to extend this as we think with the way our work life has changed recently, there might be a few more things you'd like on the intranet?

For more information about the knowledge hub, please read our last blog post - We're putting you in the hot seat!

Please send us your questions or suggested via our knowledge hub feedback form by Friday, 14 August.


What's next?

Project page

We're almost ready to launch our new project page template. This is designed to enable teams and working groups to communicate the progress of their corporate projects. We'll be launching with a page for our own intranet redesign project, and then running a trial with three other teams to see if it meets the needs of their projects too. We'll tell you more about this in our next blog.

Learning and development

We've kick-started a project with the learning and development team to create a central point for all training courses, eLearning and other learning resources. There's also development opportunities and information to help with your career progression at the council. We're just working on which information to include at the moment and we'll be asking for your feedback soon. Please watch out for our next blog if you'd like to get involved!

Virtual roadshows

We're working on a new directory so you can access the virtual roadshows being hosted by our directors. As well as links to upcoming events, you'll also be able to access the roadshows that you have missed and find out how to ask a question.

Header and search

Our designer is currently working on improving the design of the new intranet search and header so we can use them across all our intranet pages. Then we'll hand it to our developer to build.

Sarah Winch, senior web analyst - UX


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