Live Microsoft Teams Q&A sessions for corporate resources
Wed, 15 Jul 2020

Darren Stevens, director of corporate resources, will be hosting two virtual Q&A sessions via Microsoft Teams next week.

Staff from across corporate resources, and the wider council, are invited to join in, hear the latest on the directorate's response to the coronavirus pandemic and, importantly, share their experiences, raise any issues and provide their thoughts and ideas on how the council can learn from the experience and implement changes as part of the organisation's recovery work.

"As well as updates and information that is corporate resources specific, I am keen to hear from staff from across the council with regards to our organisational recovery work," said Darren.

"As the designated lead for this project, I'd like to hear about staff's experiences on issues such as working remotely and how we can look to incorporate some of the positive aspects from lockdown and help the council continue to develop as a modern workplace for a modern workforce."

The events will take place on Wednesday, 22 July, at 12noon, and on Friday, 24 July, at 8.30am, with each being around an hour long.

There are two ways to ask a question/share your news at the event. Either in real-time via the Q&A panel on the right hand side of the screen or live and in person via your webcam.

For those who wish to just listen or raise things via the Q&A panel all you have to do is click on the event link and join.

If you would like to cover a topic or ask a question live and in person, email pressoffice@eastriding.gov.uk to let them know which event you would like to ask the question at. The press office can then make arrangements in advance for you to be invited into the event.

Please note you will be live on camera (if you have one) to do this and will need a microphone at minimum.

Please title emails as 'DCR Q&A Session Question'.

 "The past five months have been some of the most challenging circumstances ever faced by the council, but our staff have risen to the occasion and continued to deliver vital services for our residents, businesses and communities. I'd like to thank all those working in corporate resources and the wider council for their hard work and dedication," said Darren.

You don't need to use a council device to take part in these events, you can use any device with internet access, whether a personal laptop, PC or smartphone.

To access the events, please click on the links below shortly before the scheduled start time and follow any instructions.

You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to access the events, as they will launch through your internet browser.


Live Q&A with the Director

Wednesday, 22 July


Ask the Director - Live Q&A - Darren Stevens - 22/07/20


Live Q&A with the Director

Friday, 24 July


Ask the Director - Live Q&A - Darren Stevens - 24/07/20


If you wish to ask a question in person, the press office will arrange to invite you into the event, directly.

Darren will aim to answer as many questions/cover as many topics raised as possible during the events, but any that don't get covered - due to time constraints - will be noted and responses provided through articles in The Grapevine and on the intranet. Where possible they can also be responded to directly with the member of staff via email.

If you think of a question or topic after the event that you would like to raise, you can email Darren directly.


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