Annual canvass of the Electoral Register
Wed, 15 Jul 2020

Each household in the East Riding will receive communication in the next few days to check the details of the members of the household and ensure they are registered on the Electoral Register.

Some households will receive an e-mail and others will receive paper forms.

As the electoral services team is continuing to work remotely, council staff members are urged to respond to the annual canvass using one of the following methods and not to try and return their paper form:

  • Visit registersecurely.com/EastRiding
  • Call 0800 975 8346 to make an automated response
  • Text the security codes which are on the letter or in the e-mail to 07860 017763, followed by the words 'No Changes'

If the electoral details are correct, any of the above response methods can be used. If there are changes to report, then the secure website www.registersecurely.com/EastRiding has to be used.

The initial forms which are being sent out are different to previous years' forms and do not include a return envelope with all households being encouraged to respond using one of the above channels.

The electoral services team are not in their office to accept paper forms from members of council staff as in previous years, so everybody is encouraged to use one of the digital methods to respond.


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