Director thanks technology service for "magnificent response"
Mon, 20 Jul 2020

Staff from the council's technology service have been thanked for their hard work over the past four months by Darren Stevens, director of corporate resources, during a recent committee meeting.

The director paid tribute to officers during a live stream of the Overview Management Committee meeting, which was looking at the council's technological response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his closing remarks to the committee, Darren praised the service's efforts describing their work as 'pivotal' in the council's response to the coronavirus.

"It has been a truly magnificent response in terms of the work that the technology service has undertaken," Darren said.

"I don't just mean technically, in terms of the technical response, but in the work ethic, the 'can do' attitude, the spirit, the mentality and the level of commitment."

The council's technology service has put the infrastructure, IT equipment, software, security, support and guidance in place that has allowed thousands of staff to work remotely - including the rollout of Microsoft Teams to ensure the workforce could stay in touch with each other and continue collaborative work.

The technology has been instrumental, not only in keeping council operations going but also in the establishment of new services, such as the community response hub that has supported some of the East Riding's most vulnerable residents and communities during the pandemic.

"What they have done has been absolutely pivotal to the council being able to respond well," said Darren.

"It has been so good that it is one of those things you take for granted. Much like you turn a tap on and expect the water is running.

"You just take it for granted that everything is working and that in a way is the biggest compliment that you can pay.

"But we shouldn't take it for granted because it doesn't happen by accident and I thank everyone who has been involved."


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