Live Microsoft Teams Q&A session for children, families and schools
Fri, 04 Sep 2020

Eoin Rush, director of children, families and schools, will be hosting a virtual Q&A session via Microsoft Teams next week with his DMT, Deborah Myers, Ellie Gray and Penny Donno. 

Staff from across the children, families and schools directorate are invited to join in the session, which will focus on the theme of Our Working Arrangements in a COVID-19 Context. 

This will include an overview introduction from Eoin followed by a presentation from Mike McDermott, deputy director of public health, about how we can safely engage with schools and other settings where we see children. This will be followed by a Q&A on that issue.

The session will then look at the council's approach to supporting different working arrangements over the coming months and a further Q&A on that. 

"These are challenging times for everyone, but especially for those working with children and families," said Eoin. 

"This live Q&A is an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges we face and to provide you with the support you need, so that we can continue to deliver excellent services for children, families and schools across the East Riding as the pandemic continues." 

The event will take place on Monday, 7 September, at 10am, and will be around an hour long. 

During the session, you can ask questions/share your views in real-time via the Q&A panel on the right hand side of the screen.  

You don't need to use a council device to take part in the event, you can use any device with internet access, whether a personal laptop, PC or smartphone. 

To access the event, please click on the link below shortly before the scheduled start time and follow any instructions.  

You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to access the event, as it will launch through your internet browser. 

Ask the Director - Live Q&A with Eoin Rush - Monday, 7 September - 10am 

Eoin and the team will aim to answer as many questions/cover as many topics raised as possible during the event, but any that don't get covered - due to time constraints - will be noted and responses provided. 

If you think of a question or topic after the event that you would like to raise, you can email Eoin directly. 


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