Caring For The Carer and other courses starting soon
Mon, 07 Sep 2020

Just as we are encouraged to develop technical skills, we can also build psychological skills to support our health and wellbeing, as well as our personal and professional development.

The council offers a range of mindfulness training for employees. As with any skill, mindfulness takes practice, something which these courses are designed to support you in establishing.

September sees the start of a selection of courses, all of which can be helpful for many mental and physical health problems.

Caring For The Carer explores the impact of caring on our wellbeing and considers the often difficult dynamics between professional role, personal life and caring for another person.

The introductory workshop will be held online from 9.30am to noon on Wednesday, 23 September, and a 12-week course follows on Thursday afternoons from 8 October.

Mindfulness For Health And Wellbeing and Mindfulness For Change are open to all council staff. The introduction sessions take place on Thursday, 24 September, as a taster with the full weekly courses starting October.

The weekly Mindfulness for Stress Reduction course will be held on Tuesdays (10am to 12.30pm) from 6 October to 1 December. Mindfulness for Change takes place on Thursdays (10am to noon) from Thursday, 8 October.

You can book your place on the courses via iTrent, and must complete the correct introductory workshop. For more information contact Sarah Oliver on 07971 134078.


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