Staff reminded to book flu vouchers
Tue, 08 Sep 2020

Council staff are reminded to book their flu vouchers with their line managers to help prevent illness during the winter months.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we have effective plans in place for the 2020/21 flu season to protect those at risk, prevent ill-health and minimise further impact on the NHS and social care.

All council and school staff are being encouraged to have a flu vaccination to support their health and wellbeing and protect our vulnerable customers.

Staff employed by schools are also included for this year. For more information on flu vaccinations visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/flu-influenza-vaccine/

Some people are eligible for the flu vaccination on the NHS, which includes the following:

  • Care home and domiciliary care staff
  • Unpaid carers
  • Household contacts of those on the NHS Shielded Patient List and of immunocompromised individuals
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone 65 years and over
  • Under 65 years in clinical risk groups:
  • Chronic (long-term) respiratory disease e.g. asthma requiring steroid treatment, COPD, bronchitis
  • chronic heart disease, such as heart failure
  • chronic kidney disease
  • chronic liver disease
  • chronic neurological disease, e.g. Parkinson's disease, motor neurone disease or multiple sclerosis
  • diabetes
  • splenic dysfunction or asplenia
  • weakened immune system due to e.g. cancer, HIV/AIDS, medicines such as steroid tablets or chemotherapy
  • BMI of 40 and above
  • It has also been announced that individuals between 50-64 years have NHS eligibility later in the year to allow prioritisation of other eligible groups.

Staff members with NHS eligibility are encouraged to ensure they access the free NHS flu jab as soon as they can from September either through their GP or local pharmacy.

For staff who don't have NHS eligibility, we are operating a voucher scheme to access the flu jab from participating pharmacies. Staff who are in the 50-64 years age group can either access the vaccine from the NHS or the voucher scheme.

Each council service has an allocated flu champion who will be leading the request to ask if you would like a flu voucher. The flu champion for Children, Young People, Education and Schools will also be liaising with schools. Flu Champions are listed below and will be working with line managers to ensure that everyone is asked if they would like a voucher. If staff decide to take up this offer, here are some answers to FAQs about the scheme.

Staff FAQs

(participating pharmacy logos can also be seen on the voucher)

  • Check with the chosen pharmacy by phone whether it is fine to drop in or if an appointment needs to be made. Vaccinations are available from September 2020
  • Vouchers should be redeemed as soon as possible and at the latest by 31 December 2020
  • Vouchers are funded by the council in advance at a cost of £8.25 per person, if not used the money cannot be refunded to the council.
  • Where there are concerns about allergies in relation to the vaccine, a voucher can be provided but advice should be taken from the pharmacist.


Please inform the person who asked you about the voucher scheme when you have had your flu vaccination and inform them of any experiences about the scheme. This might be the champion themselves, or someone they are working with, such as your line manager or another colleague.

Further information:

Your Service area flu champion:

Children, Young People, Education and Schools


Debbie Horner

Children and Young People Specialist Services

Liz Jack

Children and Young People Support and Safeguarding

Kerry Allerston-Knight

Adult Services

Mike Black/Alison Arksey

Business Management and Commissioning

Nick Durnan, Graeme Appleton, Vicky Cox

Culture and Customer Services

Jared Jones

Public Health and Corporate Strategy , Policy, Performance and Risk Management

Janet Smith and Joel Stanley

Asset Strategy

Alison J Hodgson

Planning and Development Management

Lisa Rutter

Economic Development and Communications

Suzanne Tose

Housing Transportation and Public Protection

Glenda Wilkinson and Lynda Tomlinson

Infrastructure and Facilities

Karen White

Revenues and Procurement

Lisa Martindale

Streetscene Services

Hannah Young


Jennifer Gregory

Human Resources

Garry Smith

Digital, Change and Technology

Leon Irwin

Legal and Democratic Services

Louise Smith

Alternatively, contact Janet Smith, public health lead, by emailing janet.smith@eastriding.gov.uk


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