Total Pay and Reward Strategy update
Fri, 18 Feb 2022

In July last year, cabinet agreed to the development of a Total Pay and Reward Strategy, to include the adoption of a new job evaluation scheme, and that an external partner be procured through a tender process to work with the council on the project.

This work will support us in delivering the ambitions of our People Strategy to support recruitment and retention challenges across the council as well as to secure our position as an employer of choice - demonstrating the value we place in our staff in ways that we know matter most to them.

This will include looking at the structure of the council, career pathways and succession planning, learning and development opportunities and the pay structure.

Since then work has been progressed through a procurement process to identify a partner to work with the council on this project, including the council considering all other available options.

On 1 February, cabinet considered these options and approved the appointment of external partners, Korn Ferry (Hay).

Korn Ferry (Hay) is a globally recognised organisation with significant expertise in developing total pay and reward strategies, including within both the public and private sectors, and have worked with many councils across the country.

We acknowledge that the joint trade unions for the National Joint Council do not formally recognise the Hay job evaluation scheme and would have wished us to have adopted the national or Greater London Provincial Councils scheme.

All schemes were considered as part of the decision making process and taking everything into account, in the context of the Total Pay and Reward programme, we are confident that the Hay scheme is a robust one that will meet the needs of the council.

We will continue to work with the trade unions as the project progresses.

We will be able to say more about the next steps soon once we have met with Korn Ferry (Hay) to determine the project plan and key milestones. Overall, the project is likely to take 18 months.

In the meantime, more information regarding the Total Pay and Reward Strategy can be found at https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/corporate-projects/total-pay-reward-strategy/



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