The Digital Understanding staff survey - having your thoughts on digital
Mon, 07 Mar 2022

In recent months, staff have been introduced to the exciting digital strategy, a commitment from which is a 'Digital Organisation' that can help shape the council's digital future.

This month, that future will start to take shape with the launch of the Digital Understanding staff survey, designed for all network and non-network staff to complete.

The online survey - created by the digital management office - will help develop an understanding of how staff feel about digital and how digital we are within the council, gaining an insight on what all staff think about 'digital' being part of their day-to-day work life.  

Staff will have a chance to express their views on many issues, including some of the following:

  • Where do staff feel the council is today as a digital place of work
  • How well do staff feel they are supported digitally
  • How much do staff know about digital change
  • How easy/difficult is it for staff to suggest ideas about anything related to digital
  • How well do we serve our customers in a digital way

Stephen Curtis, digital transformation lead, said: "As we build towards a more digital way of thinking and working at the council, this survey is a fantastic opportunity to capture what is happening in the hearts and minds of our staff, and help us understand our current digital position.

"Staff can complete the survey anonymously if this will help them to be open and honest about how they feel, and it is also important to note that the answers given will not be linked to the individuals giving them.

"We want to make the right changes for everyone - to equip staff with the best digital skills available and for our services to best-serve our customers digitally. With this in mind, it is important that staff engage in this survey so that from it we can create a digital organisation together."  

Staff are encouraged to have their say in the survey as the outcomes will be used to tailor future digital communications, levels of support, digital skills training and digital change priority areas.

The survey is also planned to be repeated annually so we can understand if the processes we are following are making improvements to the way staff feel about the digital change, and measure where your feedback has been acted upon.

To take part in the survey, and to stake a claim in the council's digital future by having a say, please visit here.

If staff would like to raise digital-related questions or discuss further, they can either leave contact details at the end of the survey or contact the digital management office at digitalmanagementoffice@eastriding.gov.uk


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