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Prevent is about safeguarding and supporting those vulnerable to radicalisation to stop them becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

What is radicalisation?

Radicalisation is the process where a person comes to support terrorism and forms of extremism leading to terrorism. It is possible to intervene to prevent vulnerable people becoming involved in terrorist related activity.

There is no specific profile of anyone likely to become involved in extremism or a single signal of when a person might move to violence in support of extremist ideas.

The process of radicalisation is different for every individual and can take place over an extended period or within a very short time frame.

The Prevent programme

The Prevent programme is 1 of 4 parts of the government's counter terrorism (CONTEST) strategy. The aim of CONTEST is to reduce the risk to the UK and its interests overseas from terrorism, so that people can go about their lives as freely as possible.

Visit GOV.UK to find out more about the CONTEST strategy

Channel is also part of the Prevent programme. This is a voluntary, confidential, early intervention programme that supports those that may be at risk of becoming involved in terrorism. Support is available for vulnerable children, and adults of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds, including those suffering from substance abuse. This is provided through various channels through collaboration with partners, such as:

  • schools
  • workplaces
  • Police
  • specialist mentors
  • doctors
  • mental health workers

Partners are able to jointly identify and assess risks and provide tailored support packages for individuals, where required.

Visit the Lets Talk About It website to find out more about Channel

Prevent in the East Riding

Prevent in the East Riding is managed through the community safety partnership, which is made up of a number of organisations including the:

  • council
  • Police
  • fire service
  • health services
  • prison and probation services
  • voluntary and community organisations

By working together we can provide the most effective support to those who are vulnerable to radicalisation and exploitation by extremists. Our multi agency approach is supported by detailed action plans that aim to reduce the risk of extremist action and stop vulnerable residents from being drawn into radical behaviour.

We also work with schools and colleges to coordinate our work to help reduce the risk of radicalisation from a young age.

Online extremism

The most effective opportunity to target younger people is online. The amount of time people spend online, especially younger people, has also increased throughout the coronavirus pandemic as many of their usual activities have been stopped due to restrictions and lockdowns.

How to report

You should report online graphic or violent extremism or content that supports, directs or glorifies terrorism, such as:

  • articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence
  • websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations
  • videos of terrorist attacks

Any online extremism should be reported to us via the ICT Customer Portal (previously IT Service Desk) and via the GOV.UK - report online extremism form.

Please note: If you are reporting a crime that is in progress or you think there is an immediate threat to safety you must call 999 immediately.

Prevent resources

We have created a directory of useful Prevent self learning resources to help you spot the signs of extremism and to learn more about it.

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How to make a referral

If you have concerns about an individual in relation to radicalisation and/or safeguarding from extremism fill in the form below and email it to our Prevent team and Humberside Police.

Make a referral to Prevent

Please note: If you think there is an immediate threat to safety you must call 999 immediately.

Who do I contact if I have a question about Prevent?

We have a number of Prevent champions from different service areas across the council that are able to answer questions or discuss any concerns that you have.

You can also sign up to become a Prevent champion where you will receive training to enable you to provide support and answer questions from others.

Find out more about Prevent champions

There are also some useful websites that provide more information about spotting the signs of extremism and staying safe online.

Visit the Let's Talk About It website

Visit the Act Early website


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