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Working in a council building

Staff in an office based role should be working from home, wherever possible. There are however some limited exceptions to this, such as for operational requirements or service demands, or for health and wellbeing reasons.

What you need to do

If you are required to return to a council building for operational or wellbeing reasons, you will require approval from your manager and to complete or update the passport to work form and an individual risk assessment. These are detailed on our staff guidance page.

We want to maintain our current safe systems of work. This also means continuing to:

  • wear face coverings (unless exempt)
  • keep left when moving around buildings
  • use clearly marked entrance and exit points, when required
  • use hand sanitiser stations provided around the buildings
  • follow occupancy limits in offices and shared spaces, such as kitchens and toilets

Our main buildings, County Hall, Bridlington Town Hall and the Goole Offices, have the above systems in place, with the exception of entry and exit points at County Hall.

If you are working remotely you should have already completed the remote working self assessment. This should be reviewed and updated when your circumstances change.

We strongly advise you to take part in lateral flow testing to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Lateral flow testing should not be done at a workplace setting. Tests should be taken at:

  • a designated site
  • at home and disposed of safely


Now that you have read the above you may have some more questions.

We have tried to anticipate some of your questions below.

What is the overall message to staff?

Following the launch of blended working arrangements on 28 March 2022, a phased return to the office has begun. Managers will now have completed team protocols with you to note the ways your team will operate. This will include how often you need to attend the office.

There is currently no legislation or guidance that requires the closure or suspension of any parts of our business operations. Our services will continue in face-to-face settings such as, customer service centres, leisure facilities and social care settings, with appropriate social distancing and safe systems of work in place.

If I am working remotely, should I complete a remote working self assessment?

If you have agreed with your line manager that you can continue to work remotely, such as from home, or need to start working from home again, and you have not done one already, you must complete a remote working self assessment.

If you have already completed this and your circumstances change, for example your working environment or remote location changes, it is important that you update the assessment to make sure we have current information.

What should I do if I am partly to work from the office, and partly from home, but the IT equipment that I currently have does not permit me to work from more than one location?

The council provides IT equipment which fully supports blended working. If there is a new requirement this will need to be discussed with your line manager.

I have IT issues that are affecting my ability to work. What should I do?

If you have a fault with a council device please log the issue on the ICT Customer Portal. If the issue is not related to a fault with a council device, please discuss it with your line manager.

What is the position on wearing face coverings in council offices?

You are no longer required by law to wear a face covering, however, government advice and guidance from our public health team, strongly recommends that you continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt), in:

  • communal areas
  • crowded or busy indoor settings where you may come into contact with people you do not normally meet
  • when moving around buildings.

This will make sure we maintain our current safe systems of work.

Check the GOV.UK - living safely with respiratory infections page for further guidance.


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