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Eyecare voucher scheme

If you use display screen equipment such as a laptop or computer screen, for a large part of your working day, you can apply for a voucher to have your eyes tested and money towards your glasses.

About the scheme

The scheme provides a full eye examination at any Specsavers store at no cost to you. If you need glasses solely and specifically to use digital screen equipment, the council will also contribute towards this. This will be assessed during your eye test.

If you qualify, you will be able to select a pair of glasses from:

  • the £49 range - fitted with PENTAX CR39 single vision lenses and scratch resistant treatment
  • other frame ranges and use the £49 discount
  • the £99 range or above and use the £49 discount, plus an extra £20 (£69 total discount) as part of the premium club option.

Please note: only eye tests booked at Specsavers qualify for the scheme.

NHS eyecare vouchers

Before submitting a request for one of our eyecare vouchers, you might be eligible for a free NHS eye test and optical voucher. This will be considered when requesting a voucher as part our scheme. You can check your eligibility on the NHS website.

NHS - free eye tests and optical vouchers

Request a free eyecare voucher

There are several steps that you need to follow:

Step 1 - Discuss with your manager

If you'd like to take advantage of this scheme, talk to your line manager who will be able to confirm if you are eligible.

To be eligible you need to use a screen for a large part of your working day.

Please note: it is important to let your manager know as vouchers are paid for out of your service area's budget.

Step 2 - Book your eye test

Visit the Specsavers website to find your local store.

You can either book:

We advise you to book your appointment at least a week in advance to make sure you receive the voucher in time.

Step 3 - Fill in the online form

Complete the online form providing all the relevant information, including your preferred delivery method. Your submitted form will be sent to your line manager.

Request an eyecare voucher

Please note: you must submit your application form at least 48 hours before your eye test appointment.

Can't access the online form?

Not all staff, such as school staff, can access the online form. If you can't access the online version of the form, fill in our paper form and send it by email to the corporate support team.

Eyecare voucher scheme form

Step 4 - Manager approval

Your completed form is sent to your line manager so that they can confirm you qualify for a free eye test. If they are the budget holder for your area they will also be asked to enter your service area cost code. Otherwise they will be asked to enter the budget holder's details and the form will be sent on to the budget holder for them to confirm they are happy to pay for the voucher.

Let your manager know once you have submitted the form so they can check their inbox for the voucher.

Please note: if your manager can't find the submitted form in their inbox, ask them to check their junk folder as it may be in there.

Step 5 - Ordering your voucher

The form is then sent to the corporate support team. They will check your details and order your voucher.

Step 6 - Receive your voucher

Your eVoucher will either be sent to:

  • you by email directly from Specsavers - this can be downloaded to your device and printed off
  • your line manager to print off for and give to you
  • you by post, in exceptional circumstances only, at your managers discretion.

You will have specified your preferred method in the online form.

Step 7 - Confirm receipt of voucher

You should send an email to the corporate support team to confirm you have received your voucher.

Step 8 - Use your voucher

You can either show the Specsavers optician your voucher on your phone or hand them your printed voucher.

At your eye test

As well as receiving the free eye test, the optician will assess whether you require glasses solely and specifically for digital screen equipment use. If so, your voucher includes a pair of glasses from:

  • the £49 range - fitted with PENTAX CR39 single vision lenses and scratch resistant treatment
  • other frame ranges receiving a £49 discount
  • the £99 range or above and use the £49 discount, plus an extra £20 (£69 total discount) as part of the premium club option.

If the optician identifies that you don't need glasses specifically for using digital screen equipment, you are only entitled to the premium club option of £20 off a pair of glasses from the £99 or above range.

Request a premium club voucher without an appointment

If you would like to buy some new glasses without booking an eye test appointment, you can request a £20 premium club voucher. This can be used against glasses from the £99 range or above. To request this voucher, email the corporate support team and provide them with your:

  • employee number (you'll find this on your payslip)
  • service area cost code (ask your manager for this).

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