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Water hygiene inspections

If you are a premises manager, the guidance below explains how water hygiene should be managed and maintained during the coronavirus period.

Your duties

To minimise the potential for legionnaires disease, it is essential that water hygiene inspections of hot and cold water services continue to be carried out in all council buildings. The guidance below explains what you must do based on the status of the building(s) you manage:

Open and fully operational buildings

There is no change. You must continue to undertake your regular user inspections, tests and flushing regimes as per your site specific risk assessment for legionella and as previous advised.

Closed or partially occupied buildings

To address the issue of stagnation in these buildings, all infrequently used outlets (not just those identified in your legionella risk assessment) must be flushed on a weekly basis. This is in addition to your regular duties.

Regular monthly and or quarterly inspections

Our service contractor (IWS) will continue to undertake regular monthly and/or quarterly inspections. Find out more about our maintenance and cyclical inspection and testing contractors.

They will contact you to make an appointment. Please make sure they are able to access the building at the required time to carry out their inspection.

They are operating safe working methods and will fully observe social distancing guidelines.

Current guidance

This approach is based on the current guidance and will allow buildings to be reoccupied swiftly.

If it becomes likely that the current situation will go on longer than expected, we will consider the decommissioning of water (and other) services for buildings that are fully closed.

If systems need to be recommissioned, further problems may be caused that could potentially delay reoccupation of our premises.

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