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DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks

Some roles in the council require staff to have a DBS check before they start a job in one of following services and renewed every 3 years.

The types of roles that require a DBS check include:

  • health and social care
  • working with children
  • working with vulnerable adults.

Types of check

There are 3 types of DBS checks. These are:

  • basic - shows unspent convictions and conditional cautions
  • standard - shows spent and unspent convictions and cautions
  • enhanced - the same as the standard check, plus any information held by the police considered relevant to the role.

Please note: the job role selected for the employee, when the manager creates a DBS check in the system, automatically returns the type of check required.

You can also choose to take advantage of our update service, so more regular checks are completed.

Cost of checks

All DBS checks and administration costs are charged to the cost and detail code of the service area, provided in the form. The cost of a DBS check depends on the type of check required plus an administration fee.

DBS check cost

  • Basic - £18
  • Standard - £18
  • Enhanced - £38

Adminstration fees - per check

  • New application (basic) - £13
  • New application (standard or enhanced) - £3
  • Renewal check (all checks - every 3 years) - £2

Update service

Our update service allows the applicant to select a number of different options for the regularity of DBS checks. However, we would advise you to use the annual check. These checks are carried out by Complete Background Screening (CBS).

For each application CBS will check and confirm that the applicant has subscribed to the update service with their DBS disclosure certificate.

You will receive a full audit trail detailing the results of each check and will immediately be notified when the:

  • disclosure is no longer in date
  • update service subscription ends
  • criminal record of the applicant has changed.

Update service costs

  • Annual check (recommended) - £2
  • Quarterly check - £4
  • Monthly check - £5
  • Weekly check - £9

If you use the update service, your DBS check renewal date will be pushed on by another year. For example, if you applied for your initial DBS check in 2021 and used the update service your DBS check will now be valid until 2025.

How to complete a DBS check

The process that needs to be completed for DBS checks is detailed below.

Step 1 - Manager creates a DBS check

You'll need to login to the DBS online system. If you do not have a login, you can create an account.

Create an account

To complete DBS checks you need to request for an account to be created on the DBS online portal by emailing disclosure services. You will receive an email with your login details once an account has been created for you.

Create a DBS check application
  1. Select Add DBS application from the top right of the screen
    Select Add DBS application from your dashboard.
  2. Select job and enter organisation name
  3. Select the relevant job description that matches the role that needs a DBS check.
  4. Please note: if the job description doesn't appear in the list email disclosure services.
  5. Add East Riding of Yorkshire Council to the Organisation name field.
  6. The questions on this screen should be pre populated
    This screen should then display and be pre populated, including the type of check, based on the job description you selected.
  7. Add the details of applicant
  8. Select either subscription not required or applicant subscribes - CBS undertakes annual check (this maybe recommended by your service area). We advise you to use of these 2 options, rather than the more regular subscription (update service) options.
  9. Add the name of the person that the DBS check is for.
  10. Please note: you should only add the employee's first name in the applicant's forenames field, there is a section in the form for middle names.

  11. Create a unique username for the new or existing staff member in the following format - surname, date, your initials for example Bloggs250422MB.
  12. A unique password will automatically be generated.
  13. Add their email address.
  14. Add your service area cost and detail code.
  15. Please note: DBS checks and the administration costs are charged to the cost and detail code provided.

  16. Select Create application.
  17. An email will then be sent to the new or existing member of staff with their unique username and password explaining what they need to complete the application.
Step 2 - Employee completes DBS application
Access and fill in the DBS application form

Once your manager has created a DBS check, you will be sent an email from the DBS online portal.

  1. Check for the email from the DBS online portal. This is sent to you when your manager has started the DBS check process.
  2. Login to the system using the instructions and unique username and password provided in the email.
  3. Fill in the application form with all the required details.
  4. Please note: you can save the form at the bottom of each page and return to it later if you need to.

  5. The completed form goes back to your manager.

Please note: if you sign up to the update service, you will need to register to pay for the subscription with DBS online. Instructions will be provided in an email following completion of the form. This cost will be reimbursed to you once the check is complete through your salary.

Access your saved form
  1. Once logged in, select your partly completed application from your dashboard.
  2. Fill in the application form with all the required details.
Step 3 - Manager completes form and submits it
Complete the check and submit the form

Once the new or existing member of staff has completed the form you will receive an email to let you know. Then you'll need to follow these instructions to check and submit the form.

    Search for and edit the application
  1. Search for the application from your dashboard.
  2. Select Edit under ID validation.
  3. Check the form details
    Check the details provided.
  4. Check the form details
  5. Select the checkbox under the Route 1 validation header.
  6. Please note: if you are unable to meet the Route 1 validation requirements detailed on the GOV.UK - DBS ID guidelines page email the disclosure service.

  7. Add only the information of the evidence you have seen under the relevant dropdown. The system will carry out a check against this information.
  8. Make sure you check all the evidence that has been provided by the employee are valid forms of identification. Visit the GOV.UK - DBS ID guidelines page to do this.
  9. If sufficient documents and evidence have been provided select the checkboxes.
  10. Submit the form
    Select Submit.
Status updates

You will be notified by email when there are any updates to an application and the status of the DBS check will change. You can access these via your dashboard after you login. You can:

  • search for applications
  • manage and view the status of applications
  • check the audit trails and results of DSB checks.

Please note: the portal will automatically escalate the application with DBS when it has been active for more than 60 days.

Step 4 - The results

You'll get an email response with the outcome of the DBS check. The employee also receives a copy of the certificate in the post.

If the check is clear

If the DBS check comes back all clear, the status of the application on the portal states No Match. The process has been completed and the:

  • recruitment process can continue, or the employee can continue in their current role
  • manager (during a recruitment process), with the exception of school recruitment, needs to send a copy of the PDF confirmation to recruitment services (how to do this is detailed below)
  • confirmation should be stored in place of the notification letter previously sent by the DBS team.
How to download the result
  1. Select no match on the application
    Select No Match on the application.
  2. Select the view results button
    Select View Results.
  3. Select print screen to create and save PDF
  4. Select Print screen to download and save a copy of the PDF.
  5. Email recruitment services a copy for all roles, except schools.

You do not need to complete step 5 in the accordion below.

If convictions are identified

If any convictions or cautions are identified on the DBS check, the manager is sent an email notification and the status of the application on the portal states In Post. The applicant is sent the DBS certificate in the post and the manager needs to view a hard copy version of it. The manager should contact the employee to arrange this.

A risk assessment will then take place to identify whether any of the convictions or cautions would impact on the new member of staff's suitability for the role or whether they affect the existing member of staff's current role. Continue to step 5.

Step 5 - Manager completes risk assessment process
Complete the assessment

As the DBS check identified convictions or cautions for your applicant, you need to complete the relevant risk assessment for a corporate or school member of staff once you have discussed the information with the individual.

Criminal record risk assessment - corporate staff

Criminal record risk assessment - school staff

If you require advice from People Services to assist in reaching a suitability decision, please contact your service area business partner. If you aren't sure who this is email the HR helpdesk.

Your completed risk assessment form confirming your decision must be signed by your head of service or director (corporate staff) or headteacher or chair of governors (school staff).

Send the assessment to the disclosure service

Email the risk assessment to the disclosure service - make sure it is sent via the corporate network and marked Official Sensitive so that only the team receiving the form can access it.

Please note: if you are a school member of staff you may not be able to send the form via the corporate network. Further details are provided in the risk assessment document.

What happens next

Disclosure services review the submitted risk assessment form and if required, discuss it with the business partnering team to make sure the necessary risks are assessed, before providing a notification of the decision.

Further questions


How long does a DBS check take?

The length of time a check takes depends on the type of check that is required for the job role:

  • basic - 80 per cent within 10 working days
  • standard - 95 per cent within 5 working days
  • enhanced - 85 per cent within 5 working days.

You will receive confirmation via email when Complete Background Screening (CBS) have completed the check.

If an application exceeds 60 days, it is automatically escalated as a priority.

Can I submit a paper application form?

No, paper forms are no longer being accepted or processed. All applications must now be made via the online portal as this is the most efficient method for us to process DBS forms.


How can I view my team's applications?

To access the applications, you need to log in to your DBS account. Once logged in, all of your applications will display. Make sure the search box is empty to view the full list.

You can only view applications for the members of your team that you have raised a DBS check for.

If there are other members of your team you need to view, check with other managers in your team as they might have carried out the check or email the disclosure service.

The job role for the check is not in the list, what shall I do?

Make sure you select the post title that aligns with the DBS requirements rather than the post title detailed on iTrent. There is also a character limit for this field so check you haven't exceeded that.

If you are unable to find the role required email the disclosure service.

Can I amend an application?

Yes. Log in to your DBS account, select the application number you'd like to amend. Then, select the pencil icon to edit the application.

Can I delete an application?

No. You need to email the disclosure service and this will be deleted for you.

The applicant hasn't received the link to complete their part of the application, can I resend it?

Yes, you can resend it by logging in to your DBS account and selecting the application number. You will then have the option to 'Resend login information to applicant'. This sends them an email to access the application.

Identity checks

What happens if an applicant is unable to provide sufficient identity documentation?

If the applicant can't provide the relevant documentation email the disclosure service for further advice and to discuss the individual case.

I'm trying to input the driving licence details as part of the identity check. Why am I getting an error?

You are likely to be receiving an error because the applicant hasn't included their middle name on the DBS application. The system is trying to verify the name details in the application against the driving licence number.

Digits 12 and 13 of a driving licence number are the first and middle initial of a name. So, if the applicant has a middle name but hasn't included this in the application, verification will fail, and you won't be able to progress. You need to go back and add the applicant's middle name to the application.

If you are still having issues with this question, email the disclosure service

You may also find the answer to other questions about DBS checks, on the CBS Screening website.


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