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The Point closure

Dues to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The Point is now closed until further notice. Find out more

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quality ingredients, freshly prepared throughout the day

Save with the meal deal

Choose from:
  • A pre-packed sandwich (A or B), handmade sandwich or handmade salad
  • Walkers crisps or piece of fruit
  • Plain or flavoured water, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max

Switch to a reusable Huskup and make a big difference!

  • Biodegradable and reusable
  • Plastic, toxin and tree free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
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(RRP £10.95)
Great British Scone Off

Can you wow The Point judges with your scone flavour?

If you win, your scone will be named after you and sold at The Point.

You'll also get to enjoy your creation free of charge.

If your scone is picked by the judges, you and three work friends will receive a free scone.

The winning scone will be chosen by the second Thursday of each month and the winner contacted.

Your scone will be on sale at The Point the following month for one day only.

Submit your scone View latest winner
Reducing our impact on the environment

We can all do our bit to reduce plastic waste. How can you help?

  • bring your own containers, plates or bowls and we'll fill them up for you
  • bring your own mug or buy a Huskup (available from The Point)
  • put your rubbish in the right bin

Did you know? Almost 11 billion pieces of packaging are created each year by our 'lunch on the go' habits.

What are we doing to be more sustainable?

  • switched from plastic to wooden cutlery
  • using more compostable food packaging
  • changed to vegware pots for takeaway products which are made from plants, not plastic
  • working more closely with our recycling team to increase recycling rates

Did you know? Wooden cutlery uses far less energy for production than plastic.

What happens to our general waste?

It's taken to a waste transfer facility where suitable material is separated for recycling, and the remaining waste is either:

  • broken down and compressed into bricks
  • dried and burned to help generate electricity to power the National Grid

Did you know? None of our waste goes to landfill.

Rainforest alliance certified coffee

All of our coffee comes from sustainable sources and is Rainforest Alliance certified. This:

  • safeguards the rights and wellbeing of workers
  • conserves natural resources
  • protects wildlife and the environment
  • supports farmers
  • helps communities to improve their livelihoods
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Allergies and intolerances


We offer jugs and flasks of soya milk next to the coffee machines as an alternative to the skimmed and semi-skimmed milk which is available from the machine.

Ask us

If you have any queries about the ingredients in our pre-packed or freshly made products, please just ask a member of staff and we'll be happy to advise.

Coming soon

We are implementing a new software system that will allow us to provide more specific ingredient information about our products and suppliers. More information will be available shortly.

Vegetarians and vegans

We have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan products at The Point including snacks, sandwiches, salads and meals. Our daily specials include a vegetarian option.

Tell us what you think!

Your feedback is important to us. Let us know how satisfied you are with the facilities at The Point from the meeting spaces, food and drink and benefits to your wellbeing.

Take the survey
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health and wellbeing at the point

Pick up a good book and help raise money for charity

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We have a range of donated books available for just £1!

All the money raised goes to Hull and East Riding Breast Friends and East Yorkshire Children's University charities.

Relax in our seating area with one of our favourite wellbeing books

Books can be borrowed from any East Riding Library. Just reserve online or pop into one of our libraries.

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modern and inspiring - the ideal location for your next meeting

Drop in for a casual meeting

You are welcome to drop in to the point for a casual meeting or time away from your desk. Laptop charging points are available at most tables and refreshments are available all day.

Free WiFi
Comfortable seating
Laptop charge points

The meeting room

With a boardroom style layout, our meeting room seats up to 16 people. Flipchart paper is available, and you can connect your laptop to the TV screen for presentations.

Catering is available to order through the corporate room booking system.

How to book

To book The Point meeting room, open the 'Room booking database' in Lotus notes. If you're unsure how to book a room follow the room booking guidance.

Seats 16
Projector & screen
Free WiFi
Catering available
Laptop charge points
Coffee Banner

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