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a Monday 16 December 2019
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Brief from the Chief by chief executive Caroline Lacey

New Caroline Lacey Sept 2018

The council is today launching a new vision and set of values and behaviours which I hope will help toguide us all in the work we do every day to support the people we serve.

The vision is: Your East Riding… where everyone matters.

It is underpinned by our new values and behaviours, which put an extra emphasis on trust and empowerment of staff.

We are all ambassadors for the council and I passionately believe that the East Riding way of doing things should be about doing the right thing - and this is reflected in the new values and behaviours.

We have also revised the wording of our corporate priorities to simplify how they are communicated and we have added a new priority to recognise the importance of helping children and young people achieve their full potential in life.

I’m extremely committed to our new vision, values and behaviours and my colleagues in the corporate management team are equally supportive of the direction we want the council to take in not only meeting the challenges it faces but also making the most of opportunities to keep improving the quality of life of our residents.

If you’d like to hear more about Your East Riding… where everyone matters, please come along to one of a series of face-to-face roadshow sessions I will be hosting at Bridlington, Goole and Beverley. I will also be visiting other locations in upcoming months.

Staff from all service areas are invited to attend the roadshows and I’d like to see as many people as possible coming along. You can watch our new vision video and I hope you will also take the opportunity to ask me questions and provide feedback.

The sessions are being held during working hours and there is no need to book annual leave, take a longer lunch break or make up the time in other ways. 

Everyone attending the sessions will also be invited to make a pledge to show their support for Your East Riding… where everyone matters. Staff making the pledge will receive a new Your East Riding… where everyone matters lanyard.

There is no obligation for you to make the pledge – it is entirely your personal choice whether to do so.

The dates and venues of the sessions are:

  • Monday 17 September, 8.45am – Council Chamber, County Hall, Beverley

  • Tuesday 18 September, 2pm – Council Chamber, County Hall, Beverley

  • Friday 21 September, 2.30pm – Council Chamber, Goole Offices

  • Tuesday 25 September, 10am – Council Chamber, Bridlington Town Hall

So please come along and hopefully, together, we can all achieve an East Riding where everyone matters.

In the meantime, if you would like to watch the video and read more about the new vision and values, as well as the revised wording of the priorities, you can do so using this link