Step 1 - Open the chat window

Select the 'Chat icon' from the toolbar menu on the left hand side. This will open up the chat window.

Microsoft Teams - chat icon

To begin a new chat, select the 'message' icon next to the search bar.

Microsoft Teams - new chat

Step 2 - Find somebody to chat to

You will be prompted to choose who you want to chat to. As this is your first chat, you won't have contacts in your 'contacts list'.

Begin to type a name into the 'Recipients' box. You will notice that it makes suggestions as you type. Select the person you want to chat to.

This will then open a chat window. If the person is online (denoted by a tick above their initials), begin typing and they will be able to type back.

Microsoft Teams - name search

Step 3 - Group chats

To include more than one person in the chat, select the icon as indicated.

Microsoft Teams - add people to chat

More guidance soon

There are lot of other options available in this chat function. We haven't included everything in this guidance yet but we'll add more as soon as we can.

What's next

Now read how to create video and voice calls.


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