Getting started

Step 1 - Open Microsoft Teams

Go to your computer desktop (this is the screen you see when you first open your computer)

Double-click the Microsoft Teams icon as shown in the image.

Microsoft Teams email

Step 2 - Enter your email address

The screen shown opposite will appear.

Your email address will be automatically inserted. However, please check that your email is displayed correctly and amend if necessary.

Select Sign in when you are happy to continue.

Microsoft Teams sign-in

Step 3 - 'Work or school account'

A screen that looks similiar to the one opposite will display.

Select Work or school account.

Microsoft Teams - select account

Step 4 - Enter your password

The screen opposite will appear.

Check your email inbox for an email about Micrsoft Teams. This will be from an email ending in It will contain your password for Microsoft Teams.

Enter your password

Then select Sign in.

Password not recognised?

If the password isn't recognised, go back to your email, copy it again, making sure you don't copy an extra space at the end of the password. It can be an easy mistake to make.

If you still have problems, please look at our FAQs or get in touch.

Tips for pasting!

Place your cursor in the password box, then paste (right click + Paste, or Ctrl + V)

Microsoft Teams - enter password

Step 5 - The Teams welcome page

The 'Teams welcome page' will now appear.

That's it.

Teams is set up to work on your computer!

Microsoft Teams - select account

What's next?

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