Join a virtual meeting

Step 1 - Open the calendar window

Select the calendar icon from the left toolbar menu (as shown opposite).

The calendar window will open.

Calendar window

Step 2 - Start to join the meeting

Find the meeting you wish to attend.

To join the meeting you can either:

  • Select the Join button on the calendar listing.

Or if you would like to view some information about the meeting first:

  • Select the left hand side of the calendar listing (not the Join button).
  • This will open the details of the meeting.
  • Select the Join button in the top right corner, or the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.
Join the meeting from the meeting details screen

Step 3 - Choose your audio and video settings

You can customise the set up of your audio and video as follows (refer to the image for numbers):

  1. Toggle camera on and off.
  2. Hide or show the background behind you.
  3. Toggle the microphone on and off
  4. The custom set up allow you to define which devices you want to use, such as a different microphone. This is also useful if you have more than one screen with a camera connected to your device.
Choose audio and video settings

Please note: you should be aware of the area behind your camera. Make sure you do not have any sensitive documentation in the immediate vicinity as this could be captured on camera. If you have people in the background, you should blur the background to protect their privacy.

Step 4 - Connect to the meeting

When you are ready to join the meeting, hit the Join now button.

As an internal attendee, you will be connected to the meeting straight away.

External attendees are placed in a lobby. The chair must allow the external attendees to join the meeting.

Connect to the meeting


In part 3 of this guidance - live meeting controls - learn about the controls you can use during the meeting and how to invite someone to join the discussion.


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