Live meeting controls

Turn camera on or off

Controls in a live meeting

  • Select the Video camera button to toggle your camera on or off (shown as number 2 on image).

Turn microphone on or off

Controls in a live meeting

  • Select the Microphone button to toggle your speakers on or off (shown as number 3 on image).

Share your screen

If you want to present your ideas while you are in a meeting, you can share your screen with the meeting attendees.

Controls in a live meeting

  • Select the Share button to enter present mode and share your screen (shown as number 4 on image).

Blur or change your background

You can make sure you protect the identity of people in your camera view by blurring or changing the background behind you.

Controls in a live meeting

  • Select the More actions button
  • Then choose Show background effects to change the background view behind you (shown as number 5 on image).
Open a chat window

You can also chat using text while part of a meeting.

Controls in a live meeting

  • Select the Chat button to open a chat window (shown as number 6 on image).

Check how long you have been part of a meeting

You can monitor how long you have been part of a meeting, especially useful if you have another meeting to attend afterwards.

Controls in a live meeting

  • The first 'button' area of the controls shows you how long you have been part of the meeting (shown as number 1 on image).

Leave the meeting

When it is time to leave the meeting, make sure you hang up. This is especially important if the meeting is being recorded.

Controls in a live meeting

  • Select the Call button to leave the meeting (shown as number 8 on image).

Please note: if you are the meeting organiser, you should always leave the meeting via the end the meeting button.

Allow external attendees to join a meeting
Step 1 - How an external attendee joins a meeting

External attendee join as guest

When an external attendee accesses a meeting they are notified that the meeting organiser knows they are waiting (as shown on image).

They must select Join as a guest.

Once they join the meeting, they are held in a lobby until the chair of the meeting allows them to participate. They will see the screen opposite.

Please note: external participants are held in the lobby as the link could have been shared with other individuals who have not been invited by the chair. Please check all attendees have been invited before admitting them.

Step 2 - Admit an external attendee

Allow external attendee to join meeting

You can only admit external attendees to the meeting if you are the meeting organiser.

  • To view attendees waiting in the lobby, select View participants.
  • Then select the Admit button to let them join the meeting.
  • They are now connected and can participate.
Invite an internal attendee to a live meeting
Step 1 - Open the People window

Show meeting participants

  • Select the Show attendees button.
Step 2 - Invite new attendee

Invite new attendee to the meeting

  • Type over Invite someone with the name (or email address) of the person you would like to invite.
  • Select their name from the dropdown list
  • Teams will then call them and invite them to join.

Please note: it is not possible to invite an external attendee to the meeting using the live controls. You would need to add them to the original meeting invite and send them a notification to join.

End a meeting for all attendees

The meeting organiser should always be the last person to leave a meeting in Teams. However rather than waiting for everyone to leave, follow these instruction to end the meeting for all attendees.

Step 1

Select more actions

  • Hit the More options button
Step 2

End meeting

  • Select End meeting

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