Send meeting notifications

As we have rolled out a limited version of Teams, not all functionality is currently available.

Although you have set up your virtual meeting in Teams and it will be displayed in your attendees calendars in Teams, they will not receive a notification email automatically.

It is important to complete the steps below so that attendees receive a notification of your meeting.

Step 1 - Create a Lotus Notes invite

To send a notification you must create a duplicate entry for the meeting in your Lotus Notes calendar.

Open Lotus Notes and create a calendar entry as you would normally.

Make sure the date and time of the meeting matches the date and time of the meeting you have set up in Teams.

Add all attendees.

Calendar window
Data protection advice

If email addresses are entered to invite attendees, these are available to all attendees to view. Please check that this will not cause any data protection issues for the attendees.

Step 2 - Open the calendar window in Teams

Select the calendar icon from the left toolbar menu (as shown opposite) in Teams.

The calendar window will open.

Calendar window

Step 3 - Copy the meeting link

Find the meeting you created in the calendar.

Select the left side of the calendar listing (not the Join button).

This will open the meeting details.

In the meeting details section, highlight the text that says Join Microsoft Teams, including the links underneath.

Then select CTRL+C on your keyboard to copy this text.

Copy meeting link

Step 4 - Paste the link into the Lotus Notes email

With your cursor positioned in the description box, select CTRL+V on your keyboard. This will paste the link into your email.

Add any other information about the meeting in the description box.

For internal attendees you could also add links to:

Inviting attendees to the meeting


Part 3 of this guidance explains how to join a virtual meeting.


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