Accessing the network via VPN

What is VPN?

If you have a council laptop or device, you can connect to the council network from anywhere with a WIFI connection. This means you can work from home as if you were sat at your desk.

You will need to connect to the council's VPN (Virtual Private Network). This means your connection will be secure and private so it is much harder for the council's network to be hacked.

It's easy to connect, just follow the instructions below.

Please note: you no longer need a Entrust token to connect to the VPN, the connection is automatic through software already installed on your computer.

Step 1 - Connect to WIFI

Select the Network icon on your laptop's taskbar (this is in the bottom right of your screen). This will be different depending on the current status of your connection but should look similiar to one of the icons shown on the image opposite.

If you can't see a network icon, select the Up arrow to view all of the available icons.

Network icon

Select the WIFI network that you want to connect to.

Then hit the Connect button.


Enter the WIFI password and select Next.

That's it. You're connected.

Network security key

Step 2 - Connect to AnyConnect (VPN)

Now that you are connected to WIFI, your laptop will automatically begin connecting to the council network.

A pop up like the one opposite will appear once the connection has been established.

Please read the message and select Accept to agree to the policies.

You are now connected to the council network.

Accept policies popup

Step 3 - Map network drives

As you are not working at one of the council offices, your network drives will not appear automatically. You will need to 'map' them.

Select the Map Network Drives icon on your computer desktop (as shown on the screen opposite).

Map Network Drives icon

A black pop up box like the one shown opposite will appear.

Once the mapping process is complete this box will close automatically.

Your network drives will then be available.

Black popup

Need to report a connection issue or bug?

If you have an issue that is stopping you accessing the council's network, log a call with the IT Servicedesk and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: the IT Servicedesk may be busier than usual at this time.


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